When emergent artists are using their minds as their natural resource the following creative traits listed below give birth to artistic conceptual thinking.

  1. Curiosity
  2. Childhood wonder
  3. Analyzation
  4. Openness to new experience
  5. Others’ points of view
  6. Persistence
  7. Awareness perception
  8. Interpretation
  9. Courage to be their own creative-self
  10. Self-confidence
  11. Self-discipline
  12. Being in touch with unconscious sources
  13. Creative imagination and thinking
  14. Relating outside world to inner self
  15. Interpreting experiences creatively

The Start Art educational television series will have thirty minute shows that will showcase the art students demonstrating hands on how they create their art works as they are individually interviewed. Each show will exhibit the original art of eight students from different cultural environments and will be professionally videotaped. Students and professional guests in the arts will be invited to participate at their open studios or the TV studio. The Start Art TV shows will be aired on various cable TV stations in Northern California several times a week.
Start Art successfully implements a positive proactive behavioral management structure for special education students in various programs – severely impaired, mild to moderate and resource students – (mainstreamed students and the community creative growth programs).
This structure includes scaffolding strategies – realia, modeling, bridging, schema building and contextualization of artistic techniques.
Start Art successfully integrates manipulatives, CD/DVD and visuals to assist students with special needs in developing and enhancing their creative skills.
A pivotal component of Start Art instruction is the integration of basic interpersonal communication and cognitive academic language skills into the Start Art curricula to increase not only the student’s social – linguistic skills but also assist in developing the student’s academic literacy skills.
Start Art’s instructional methodology was not designed to create a different structure or model for students with special needs but rather to be inclusive and equitable to all students instructed in art.
Through the Start Art instruction methodology, art students with learning disabilities will discover that they are as artistically competitive as the general educational student and their end-products can and will be those of merit and substance.
This will result in their increase of self-esteem, academic achievement and mastery techniques.
If creative goals are highly specific, methods sharply focused, and the art student audience sufficiently mobilized to creative change, major cultural change can occur in a very short time.
This educational framework will demonstrate that with the proper curriculum development, planning, presentation, and instruction, emerging artists, students, teachers and viewers can channel their preconceptions of art and their own artistic limitations, into limitless creativity.
Start Art’s artistic conceptual thinking environment will facilitate new possibilities of inspiration, interpretation and invocation.
This art educational process can be transferable to any academic subject. Given the necessary materials and specific instruction, artist, students, teachers and viewers will have the opportunity to experience personal expression and the urge to be creative.
When all is said and done, young and adult artists will eventually realize that the essence of art is the spark of insight and the thrill of discovery first experienced by the maker, then incorporated into the work of art and finally experienced by the viewer.



donald o. greene, international artist - designer © 2013



Start Art is a non-profit art educational television series program. This art educational series would be dynamic and unique with wide appeal to young and adult emerging artists of every age, culture and environmental background in the San Francisco Bay Area.
As the creator, producer and host of Start Art, I am prepared to work with local art school and college administrative and faculty staffs to bring the greatest focus upon the emergent artist within the students and adults in the community. I hold a California teaching credential and staff development certificate AB2913 (Hughes) ELD/SDAIE Requirements.
The Start Art educational television series would focus on the introduction of art theory, practice, culture creativity and history. These televised creative art experiences will be designed to draw art students and art lovers from all walks of life and of every age group, which is necessary and vital to advance artistic professionalism and creative development in the community. I recognize that the quality of cultures and the quality of the arts are inextricably interlocked.
My professional goals embrace four artistic objectives.

  1. My primary concern is to open the eyes and minds of art students to the richness of the visual arts as unique forms of human communication, and to convey the idea that the arts enrich life best when we experience, understand, and enjoy them as integral parts of the process of living.
  2. To further my knowledge of world cultures through travel and study as a source of inspiration for my own creativity.
  3. To disseminate the knowledge of art, teaching through the use of local television networks.
  4. To expand my art education expertise and community leadership by encouraging art students to become aware of the rich heritage of art throughout the world.

Start Art would be a vital link between the institutions that offer the arts and the community at large. Art serves humanity and should richly serve the community in which students are studying the subject. If we continue to fail to educate our children in the symbol system we call art, we will lose not only our civility, but our humanity also. A well spring of creative genius is languishing unnoticed by instructional staffs and administrations in public schools. Too often this frustration results in a lifetime of blocked creativity, of feeling “untalented”, because the opportunities for personal expression are non-existent.
If more American youth were involved in the arts, more would be personally inspired to support new artists that would appear and art would flourish. Without a prospering non-profit arts community, a civilization’s culture will never reflect its finest values. Children use a visual language. When creativity is not encouraged they may lose confidence in their special insights, perceptions and sense of wonder.


Start Art Goals/Objectives:
Start Art can be defined as simple basic art introduction and instruction for students, staff development for regular instructional teachers and mentor/ mentee teachers using basic steps while progressing into an art experience. It is designed to give the students and teachers an introduction to various art mediums through which self-expression, guided by simple steps and instruction, will enhance artistic potential and development in the theory and practice of:

  • Free-hand Drawings, design concepts
  • Collage
  • Watercolors, acrylics, oils
  • Clay Works, sculpture
  • Pastel Chalk
  • Charcoal Drawing
  • Construction Paper Craft
  • Professional Artist Studio visits
  • Behavior Management
    "Basic Art Instruction Builds Creative-Confidence and widens the cultural diversity perspective”
  • Start Art's basic concepts allow each participant to build their creative confidence as they progress starting from their existing creative levels to refinement.
  • This creative art educational television series is directed at the K-12 and adult levels and combines art and academics, ethnic cultures, history, math, science, reading, foreign languages and research. Presented well, the arts can greatly facilitate all other aspects of education.
  • Adults will be able to discover their ALL-BUT-FORGOTTEN creative intelligences.
  • The unique curriculum development concept of Start Art instruction facilitates positive behavior management through concentration, awareness, perception, imagination, visual memory, the spark of insight and the thrill of discovery.

Start Art’s only requirement is that participants must be willing to become involved in its three concepts that demand high levels of concentration. (All Start Art instruction will be based on one or all of the 3 concepts)

1.   Seeing – perception and awareness
      (the most precious resource of our planet is human awareness)

      A.    Beyond functional looking – (concentration)
      B.    What you see is what you get – (visual observations)
      C.    Eye discipline – (the eyes are blind to what the mind’s eye can see)

2.   Memory – Anything recalled from a previous experience

      A.    Total recall – (visual memory, concentration)

      B.    People, places, objects

      C.    Childhood wonder, curiosity – (using your minds natural resources)

3.    Imagination – (being totally and individually creative with line, shape, color, texture and details

       A.    Limitless artistic conceptual thinking – (concentration)

       B.    Individual limitless style techniques, innovation

       C.    Visualization – (visual thinking)

       D.    Mental constructions – (the use of imagination and memory)

       E.    “Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein